Remote Shooting

Encrypted Connection Proven & Secure Workflow Intelligent Remote Shoot 

Chopstick Films has developed an “Intelligent Remote” shoot using an encrypted, real-time remote production solution. Safety processes are in place to protect the crew and production.


Test Period is Key

With Chopstick Films test-day preps, our production is 80% ready to execute before the actual shoot date. We practice in detail camera movement, review iterations of sets and props, and prep food styling. During this phase, our communication systems are tested with the client and agency.

Intelligent Remote Shoot

On the shoot date, Chopstick Films has developed efficient and practical remote viewing and approval solutions minimizing director or client attendance on the production, providing a seamless production process through encrypted live streaming and playback with dedicated communication channels for directors, agency and client.

Safety is Imperative

We follow standards required by WHO onboarding medics, temperature checks, and disinfectant stations. Our decades of experience in production using advances in cinematographic technology have minimized crew size, expertise that directs small and essential units only.


We work with clients all over the world. One of the challenges is how to overcome the time zone difference. At Chopstick Film, we adjust the timing of the shoot to suit our clients. The time zone may change for us, but the pricing remains the same for you.