Ronald Koetzier Avi Karpick Etienne Proulx Sergio Bosatra

Chopstick Films offers access to some of the best tabletop directors in the world.

Ronald Koetzier

Ronald Koetzier has shot many amazing and spectacular food projects all over the world. He is a Master of many complicated SFX tricks and techniques.

Ronald is one of the best food commercial tabletop directors with High-Speed Motion Control in advertisement production. In his projects, he becomes the engineer of the picture by concentrating on each necessary element of it – the light, slowmotion, color and effects – everything needed to achieve a perfect and mouth-watering final picture.

Avi Karpick

For over 25 years, Avi Karpick has worked worldwide as a cinematographer and director on hundreds of large-scale and award-winning advertising campaigns. After many years of shooting live action, he chose to specialize in food and liquids tabletop, working with top food stylists, mock-up and SFX teams in over 20 countries.

With a firm belief that ‘no task is impossible’, he has become a highly sought-after director and DP, specializing in the widest range of tabletop products, such as chocolate, fruit, meat, and dairy.

Etienne Proulx

Over the years, as he traveled around the world to shoot all sorts of commercials first as a beerstylist / liquid stylist and then as a director & DP in different and often difficult environments, combined with his expertise as master rigger and great artistry of the film industry, he also designed a tabletop studio to R&D at home in Montreal to always evolve between his projects and travel.

His forte is really the R&D process. He always does extensive preparation and tests in order to find the best frames, beautiful lighting, compositions and movements to highlight the product. After doing that structural part, he focuses on texture and FX to find the best never seen images. Mesmerizing shots. Working closely along the way with the creative teams.

Sergio Bosatra

Italian director, Sergio Bosatra, developed his distinctive style over the course of 9 years working as a first AD alongside top international directors. Sergio began directing commercials in 2011, combining his technical mastery with a captivating, emotionally-charged approach to visual storytelling. Sergio has a way of seeing the beauty in all things, bringing a contagious enthusiasm with him everywhere he goes.